Technical Training & Transfer Of Technology

Since the beginning MITTI has been giving top priority to training with the aim to produce cable and wires of the highest, international quality and standards. For these purpose, MITTI send its technical staff for technical and technology transfer trainings both locally (at MITTI’s own factories) and overseas. As a result, MITTI’s cables been awarded numerous quality standards, awards and recognitions.


Overseas training

  • 6 months at Epan Cable & Wire (Pte) Ltd, Singapore.
  • 3 months at Tokyo Electric Wire, Tokyo and Nasu, Japan.
  • 2 weeks at DCM, San Francisco, France.
  • 1 week at Rosendahl, Austria.
  • 1 week at Sanfeng Machinery, Taiwan.
  • 1 week at Pioneer, Taiwan
  • 4 weeks at Veiki-VNL Ltd, Budapest, Hungary.

Local training (at Mitti’s plant) on the following cables machineries

  • 5 days Wardwell, USA.
  • 3 days Street & White, United Kingdom.
  • 1 week SIKORA, Switzerland.
  • 2 weeks Zumbach, Switzerland.
  • 2 weeks Hefei, China.
  • 2 months Nanjing, China.



Telephone / Telecommunication cables facilities. Reputedly the most modern Telephone/Telecommunication cable plant in Malaysia



Electronics cables facilities


MITTI has the most coaxial cables and braided wires machineries in Malaysia



High-tech Triple Extruder (XLPE insulation) CCV Line


Sectoral stranded compacted conductors processing



Trapezoidal wire conductors processing


Trapezoidal wire conductors finished products