Manufacturing & Engineering Facilities





TELEPHONE/TELECOMMUNICATION CABLE SECTOR producing High Frequency Peut Air Core Cable, High Frequency Fully Filled Cable, High Frequency Integral Bearer Cable, High Frequency Drop Wire, Jumper Wire, Internal Telephone Cable, LANS/DATA Cable, CATV Cable etc. Reputedly having the most modern telephone plant in Malaysia. MITTI was awarded a mega contract from TELEKOM MALAYSIA in 1994 and currently the biggest cable supplier to TELEKOM MALAYSIA. MITTI also exported cables to Papua New Guinea, (PNG TELIKOM) Mali, Thailand (ABB) etc.



POWER CABLE SECTOR producing XLPE Underground Cable (1,22,33&36KV), Aerial Bundle Cable (1&36KV), PVC Insulated Cable PVC/PVC Insulated Cable (1KV), Pilot Cable, Armoured Cable, Housing Wire, Flexible Wire & Cord, All Aluminium Conductors (AAC), All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC), Aluminium Alloy Steel Reinforced (ACSR), Thermal-Resistance Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (TACSR) etc. MITTI owns the one and only technologies in Malaysia for the most efficient production of XLPE and ABC cables. As testimony, MITTI has long term contracts for the supply of various types of power cables to TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD. MITTI also exported cables to Australia, Singapore etc.



ELECTRONIC CABLE SECTOR producing Coaxial Cable, Control Cable, Computer Cable, Audio Cable, Video Cable, Speaker Wire, Hook-up Wire, Microphone Cable, Switchboard Wire, Vehicle Wire, Bare Conductors etc. MITTI is the country’s leading Coaxial Cable producer having the most number of USA-made WARDWELL Braiding Machines. Its electronic cables are supplied to more than 500 wholesalers/dealers throughout Malaysia since 1985.

MITTI’s expertise is attributed to its highly-skilled production staff who has been trained in Austria, France, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. In addition, it has access to the expertise of Tokyo Electric Wire, Japan, with whom it has a Technical / Technology Transfer Agreement in 1991.